The Anduiza Building was built as a boarding house by the Anduiza family in 1912 and is especially unique because of the fronton, or Basque handball court, inside. Although an engineering firm occupied it for almost 50 years, they never expanded into the area where the playing court is located, so it hasn't been modified since it was built. Two Basques bought the building in 1993. They lease the upper part for offices and the court to the Boise Fronton Association formed to preserve the sports of handball and pala, a sport played with a heavy wooden racquet and a hard rubber ball.

For a great history of the Aduiza Fronton check out "A Beautiful Room: 100 years of pala at the Anduiza fronton" by Jessica Murri by clicking here.

Boise Fronton Association

The Boise Fronton Association urges your new membership or renewal in order to continue using this great facility for recreational pala, handball games, dance practice, and other educational activities.

In order to encourage more interest, the Association is offering an introductory price of $50 for new members. 
Renewed memberships are $100 per year. 
Dues cover a minimal annual usage fee, liability insurance, and electricity.

Now is the time to show your support for this landmark facility. 
Please send your "Boise Fronton Association" membership dues or requests for more information to the following

Jerry Aldape
Syringa Bank
999 Main Street, Ste 100
Boise, ID 83702

If you are interested in playing pala or baleen, please contact the Fronton Association by emailing us here.